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Murray Supply Company
Murray Supply Company
Murray Supply Company


Murray Supply Company's current location In 1955, Galen Thurman, Jr. & W.C. Elkins purchased a hardware store in southern Illinois and moved the inventory to a building on the corner of 3rd & Main Street in Murray. (Above left.) A few years later, the business moved into what used to be Economy Hardware & Feed at 206 Main Street, our current location.

Current proprietor Larry Hurt began working at Murray Supply in 1963. Working his way up, he bought the business in 1974. A year later, his wife Joyce joined him in the business endeavor. During the early and mid-1980s, Murray Supply purchased A.B. Beale & Son Hardware and Sam Calhoun Plumbing and liquidated the merchandise to the current location.

Under the leadership of the Hurts, Murray Supply has evolved into the business it is today. Early on, Hurt instilled in his employees the importance of service and knowledge. These two factors are what sets Murray Supply apart from the box stores.

Occupying 1 1/2 city blocks, with 6 warehouses, 2 pipeyards, and over 12,000 square feet of sales floor, Murray Supply is western Kentucky's premier destination for all of your home improvement needs.

Mission Statement

We exist to provide our customers with the best quality products & to ensure that they receive the absolute best customer service in the industry.
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